Our creative team loves everything about weddings, travel , design and event planning. Our style and expertise, passion and dedication, hearts and souls are reflected in all that we do, from the event we produce to the personal care, time and attention spent with each and every client.

Our meticulous team is attentive to the smallest detail, ensuring that every event unfolds on time and within budget. We can turn a blank canvas of any location into a fantasy world.

The Royal Blue Luxury Events team unique gift is in their ability to create special experiences and beautiful moments that indulge a lifetime of memories and tell your story. Together working in partnership with our clients and vendors we create events that forge unforgettable connection between guests and their hosts.

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Katharina – Creative Director, Founder

Katharina is the founder and creative talent behind Royal Blue, and her talents are abounding. Katharina is the rare combination of creative genius and business-minded pragmatism, she is brave and enterprising, while also sensitive and sentimental, she is spirited and energetic, graceful and genuine. Her designs are at once distinctive, exquisite yet entirely organic. Katharina inherited this style by being born and raised in Montreal Canada where style and uniqueness is a philosophy of life. Having studied in business and hospitality administration Katharina knows the fundamentals needed in having happy customers. When Katharina creates, it is magic. She not only transforms landscapes and spaces, but she transforms herself.

She finds inspiration and beauty in the most unexpected places. Katharina is a pure and open heart, an artist, a listener, a true friend and confidante. She is clever and light-hearted, and has some serious moves on the dance floor! She is an explorer and a traveler and has an appetite for new cultures and experiences, in sea food, of course! Although Katharina is an independent, self-motivated individual, she loves her husband and children and is always the peace maker within her family and friends. All of her designs and creations embody the very essence of a life well-loved and well-lived.

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Spiros – Creative Event Director and Holiday Coordinator

Spiros with more than 10 years in the tourist industry is the person who will navigate, negotiate, oversee, organize, and manage every detail on your behalf. He will manage every fine detail regarding your travel issues for you and your guests making sure your stay in Crete stress free. He understands that planning a destination wedding from afar can be overwhelming and is intent on achieving a smooth traveling experience.

He will be your voice to the vendors, who will support your choices and satisfy your every request. Spiro’s being the only man in our business helps us overcome any obstacles that may occur during any event making sure that the job is done successfully…

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Adonis – Senior Event Producer & Media Representative

With more than 25 years of experience as an events coordinator & customer service representative in Canada, Adonis assumes the role as our Canadian, U.S. European Relations and Media Representative. Adonis has a unique spark and a brilliant mind, she is creative and passionate and her spirit resonates with ours. She has a full heart and is incredibly generous and genuine. The beauty within her is reflected through her eyes, across her smile and in her work.

Adonis’s first attempt in event planing was a the age of 10 where she helped throw her cousin a wedding shower in a small town of Gaspe, Quebec. Every detail had to be extra special for the bride-to-be and guests. This is when she attempted to made her first custom cake where she turned plain old marshmallows into daisies knowing that it was the brides favorite flower. From that day her desire to organize special events, dinner parties became a way of life. Her family and friends love to receive a invite to any affair she plans cause they know that it will be an absolutely fantastic celebration.
Adonis believes that the greatest expressions of love are revealed through personal touches, small, special details, intimate moments, gestures and a sacred vow between husband and wife. She is a rare and special person, a hopeless romantic and profoundly sentimental.

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